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What is /\/\etBob?

/\/\etBob is the way I am available to help with emails and/or texts covering weather for recreational yacht voyages across the South Pacific.
I help with departure date planning, waypoints for the voyage,  and updates along the way.
Email me : bob at

Bob McDavitt

“Weather is a mixture of pattern and chaos”

“Weather is a mixture of pattern and chaos”

This sums up Bob’s unique appreciation of weather forecasting on planet Earth.

Bob McDavitt is from Aotearoa/New Zealand.  He was born in  Marton, and schooled in Wellington. He graduated with B.Sc (hons) degrees in Maths and Computer Science from Victoria University in Wellington in 1973 and 1974. He has been a meteorologist since 1975, forecasting for marine, aviation and the general media around New Zealand and in Fiji.

 In 1998 he was awarded the “Henry Hill Award” for his enthusiastic approach to sharing ideas about the weather.  He is a veteran from two campaigns for the America’s Cup (in Perth and San Diego), and has helped Swashbucklers break records crossing the Tasman Sea and circumnavigating NZ, and Earth Race, Jessica Watson, Donna Lange, and Lisa Blair in circumnavigating the world.

For twenty years he was the MetService Weather Ambassador, and focused on promoting friendly relations with weather users.  This involved communicating awareness about any incoming nasty weather, keeping an eye on the impact of the weather on the coming season and any special events, and arranging MetService promotions, displays, and exhibitions.

Nowadays he is in semi-retirement and continues to talk with weather users and help sailors cruising around the South Pacific.

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