MetService issues isobar maps for the South Pacific via radio fax on ZKLF  and the text of high seas forecast for five areas in the South Pacific twice a day covering the next five days and these are read out in ENGLISH along with the TROPICS area from Fiji Met Service on SSB/shortwave by ZLM   or over Inmarsat . 

For warnings,  send an email to, no subject, saying


There are two ways that /\/\etBob may further help you with weather information.  Weathergrams (free) and voyage forecasts (pay by credit card or PayPal).

Weathergram (also known as BobGram)
You may know about these already. An blog is emailed, usually on a Sunday evening,  giving my evaluation of weather patterns around the South Pacific, aiming on what is worthwhile to AVOID. These are great for helping to pick windows of opportunity for good sailing weather. Internet site is  They are part of the YOTREPS scheme that allows sailors with email to send and receive weather reports. Let me know if you would like to join/leave my weathergram list. Let me know by email if you wish to add your name to my weathergram list.  If you want you can also join the pangolin list:  send an email to with the words JOIN WEATHERGRAM in the body, no subject needed. 
$No charge

Voyage Forecasts:

When available I, as weather Guru for /\/\etBob, can compile and email weather forecasts for your voyage on the high seas in the South Pacific. Charge is $10NZ per 5 minutes, and anything taking less than 5 minutes is called a quickie and sent without charge.

  Preparation –  It takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to do a weather outlook,usually less than 5 minutes.

  Departure – Takes me  30 to 40 minutes to do a full voyage forecast,

  Updates       –  When underway, to get an update email me a position report and ask for an update.  Takes me around 10 to 20 minutes.

Please email a few days in advance with your details :

  • Trip plan from —-,to
  • Intended date of departure
  • Vessel name /type
  • Email ashore and Email on voyage (or Sat phone/TXT number)
  • Average miles per day sailing/motoring

Invoice will be emailed AFTER you complete your voyage. Payment may be made by cheque wither by post or online, or via credit card or PayPal.

$Charge of $NZ10 per five minutes of compilation time. No GST is charged.

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